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Managing your mail via the Tasks page

An overview of the Mail section on the Tasks page.

The Mail section on your Tasks page provides you with a quick overview of the mail you have recently received, and what action you need to take.

Overview Mail Task

Mail Status - what do the different sections mean?

Your mail will be marked with one or more of the following statuses:

StatusYou (or your organization) need to...
Outstandingrespond by a certain date
Overduerespond by a certain date that is in the past
Awaiting your approvalapprove mail written by someone else in your organization. Until you approve this mail it will not be sent out. See Reviewing mail awaiting approval for step-by-step instructions.

See What is the difference between overdue and outstanding mail for a more detailed explanation of these two mail statuses.

Read and unread mail statuses

Your mail will also automatically be marked as read or unread.

You can choose to override this. For step-by-step instructions read either:

How the mail section on the Tasks page works

  • You’ll see the total number of mail in each section.
  • You’ll see a list of the ten most recent mails in each section. To see all your mails in that section click View All.
  • Unread project mails are removed from the My Tasks page after 90 days. These mails are still available under the Mail tab, and are still marked as unread.
  • Mail is removed from the Unread lists after you have opened it, unless you mark it as unread.
  • If another To list recipient from your organization responds to a mail, it is removed from your Outstanding or Overdue list, but will remain on your Unread list.

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