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Open documents in a workflow to review them

You can open workflow documents from the My Tasks page.

Any workflow transmittals you receive are listed on the My Tasks page. These documents will stay in the Awaiting Your Review list until you complete your review, or delegate your review responsibilities to someone else in your organization.

To open the documents in a workflow, you have to:

  1. Find the documents
  2. Open the documents
  3. Review any supplementary files attached to the workflow

Find the documents

  1. Select your project from the Project Selector at the top of the page.
  1. Click the Tasks button and under View, choose My Tasks.
My Task Menu
  1. Click the Documents title bar to expand your list of documents.
Task Closed Documents List
  1. Click in the Awaiting Your Review title to expand your list.
Task Doc List Awaiting Your Review
  1. Click the workflow number. You'll see the Documents for Review page.
Task Doc List Awaiting Your Review Workflow

Open the documents you need to review

  1. Click the File icon.
Workflow Doc For Review File Icon
  1. From here select Open.
Opening a file in the viewer.

Check any supplementary files attached to the workflow

You don't need to review supplementary files, but they may contain information to help you complete your review.

If supplementary files are attached to the workflow, a number will appear beside the Supplementary Files tab.

supplementary file attached

To download any supplementary files:

  1. Click the Supplementary Files tab
  2. Then:
    • download files as a single zip file: select the files you want to download, then click the Zip button
    • open a file: click on the file icon next to the name of the file.
Accessing the supplementary files

Next steps

To complete the document review you can:

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