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Create a new tender/bid invitation

We'll show you how to create a tender/bid invitation, add recipients and issue the tender invitation.

Step 1 - Set the tender number, name and closing date

  1. Choose your project in the Project Selector at the top of the page.
Project Selector
  1. Click Tenders.
  2. Under Create New, click Tender Invitation.
Tender invitation

No Tenders button? Tenders is not available to all projects. Please contact your Org Admin if you require the Tenders module.

  1. Enter the tender number in the Tender No field.
  2. Enter a descriptive name in the Title field.
  1. Enter the closing date and time of your tender invitation.

Step 2 - In your organization who needs access to this tender?

  1. Add the names of anyone from your organization who need access to this tender invitation. Add their names into the Initiator Contact field.

If you're not sure how to spell the person's name, type in the first letter of their name and click the search icon. Then click on the name from the list.

Step 3 - Add the organizations you need to send this tender to

  1. In the Recipients field add in the name/s of the people you need to send the tender to.
    You can add as many people from as many different organizations as required. Each person added to the tender invitation will only see the names of other people from their own organization. They will not be able to see any names of people from organizations included on the tender invitation.
  2. Now, if you have:

I can't find the person/organization

By default you have been searching your project directory.

  1. To search the global directory click the Address Book button.

Not sure what the difference between your project and your global directory? Find out more.

  1. Enter any search criteria.
  2. Press the Search button.
  3. Select the person
  4. Click the Add button
  5. If you need to add more people repeat this step.
  6. Once you have added all the required names, click the OK button. Go on to the next step in this article. Still can't find someone's name? Read through the next section in this article.
global directory

I need to add in someone who doesn't appear in the global directory

If you've searched both the project and the global directory and can't find the person listed you can create a guest user.

Not sure what a guest user is? Find out more.

  1. Click the Create Guest button.
Create guest user
  1. If the person's details don't automatically appear, fill in their:
    • Organization
    • Given name
    • Family name
    • Email address.
  2. Click the Save button.
  1. Search for the guest user you just created.
  2. Enter your search criteria.
  3. Click Search.
Search guest user
  1. Select the box next to their name.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Click the OK button.

Step 4 - Check the default settings

  1. Change any default settings as required. See the table below for an explanation about each setting.
Invitation AccessUncheck this box to stop bidders from viewing your tender invitation after the closing date, and to prevent the tender from being sent as a transmittal. If you select this option, the tender initiator will still be able to search on and see the tender information. If access is required by somebody else, the initiator can add them to the listed initiators by sending an addendum. This won't be seen by the bidders if the closing date has passed, as all bidder access is removed. Note that deselecting this option also blocks access for colleagues from the same company as the initiator after the closing date.
SubmissionUncheck this box to prevent organizations from sending submissions after the closing date. Leave it checked if you will accept submissions after that date has passed
Aconex submissionUncheck this box if you don't want organizations to respond to your tender via Aconex. Leave it checked if you do.
Lock boxUncheck this box if you want to access submissions before the closing date. Leave it checked if you want to prevent initiator contacts from accessing any of the tender responses until the closing date and time have passed. Please note: You cannot change the Lock Box setting once you have sent the invitation.

Step 5 - Add any documents to the tender (optional)

If required, you can also attach documents and other files to your tender invitation.

  1. Click the Attach button and choose:
  • Documents – to attach one or more of your Aconex registered documents.
Tender Attach Button Document
  1. Type your search criteria into the search field.
  2. Click the Search button.
  1. Select the checkbox for each document that you want to attach.
  2. Click the Attach button.
  1. Click the Close button in confirmation message.
  • Local Files – to attach one or more files from your computer or network.
  1. Click the Browse button to select the file on your computer or network.
  2. Click the Open button.
  3. To add another file, click the Attach Another File link and return to step a.
  4. Click the Attach button to upload all of the selected files.

Step 6 - Send the invitation

  1. Click the Send button in the far right hand side of the screen.

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