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Prevent recipients from responding to your Tender invitation via Aconex

When you create a tender, you can choose whether recipients can submit their tender response within Aconex.
  • You can’t change this setting after you’ve sent the tender to any recipients.
  • If you don't allow for responses via Aconex, you’ll need to specify how recipients should submit their responses.
  1. Choose your project from the Project Selector at the top of the page.
  2. Click Tenders.
  3. Under Create New select Tender.
  4. Complete all tender details as required.
complete tender invitation
  1. Next to Aconex Submission clear the Allow the recipients to create a submission in Aconex checkbox. 
Clear checkbox
  1. You'll receive a warning message.
  2. Click OK.
click ok
  1. Complete any other required information for your Tender invitation.
    Make sure you include details about how you want the recipients to respond. You can add this into the Cover Letter field, or in an attachment.
  2. Send your invitation.

When the recipient opens your invitation they:

  • won't see a Response tab
  • won't see the Create Response button
  • will see a message stating that you have prevented them from responding via Aconex.

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