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Cancel an active Tenders invitation

If you've issued a Tenders invitation but need to cancel it before the submission date follow these steps.

After you cancel the tender invitation no one will be able to:

  • complete a submission to this tender invitation
  • add addenda
  • send an RFI.

The organizations you sent the invitation to will still be able to download the documents attached to your invitation, even after you cancel it.

How to cancel the tender

  1. Select your project.
  2. Click Tenders.
  3. Under Search, click Invitations.
  4. Click the tender number under the Tender No column to open the tender invitation.

  5. Click the Actions button and choose Cancel Tender.

Tenders Cancel
  1. Enter in the reasons why you are canceling the tender.
  2. Click the OK button.
    You'll see a confirmation message when the tender has been cancelled.

What happens after I cancel the Tenders invitation?

  • Notifications are sent to recipients of the tender letting them know it has been canceled.
  • The status of the invitation is changed to Canceled.
  • The Tenders invitation recipients will be able to download the documents you attached to the Tenders invitation.

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