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Review a response to your RFI when you're not an Aconex user

Open an RFI response from the tender notification, or the response notification.
  1. Open the email from Aconex.
  2. Click on the link.
  1. To view a previous mail in the thread, click anywhere in the thread row for the mail.
  1. To view the list of RFIs, click the View Mail List button.

To reply to the response

  1. Click the Reply or Reply to All button.
  2. Enter your reply in the Body field.

If you need to attach documents

You can attach files from your computer.

  1. Click the Attach button.
  2. Click the Browse button.

  3. Browse to the file you want to attach, and click the Open button.

  4. To add more files, click the Add another file link.

  5. Click the Attach button.

Send your response

  1. Click the Send button.
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