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View responses to your Tender invitation

You can review responses and when the response was received, and who sent it.

  1. Choose your project in the Project Selector at the top of the page.
The Project Selector
  1. Click the Tenders button on the Module Menu, and under Search, click Invitations.
Searching tender invitations
  1. Click the tender number under the Tender No column to open the tender invitation.
Tender FS Tender No Link
  1. Click the Submissions tab.

Please note: If the lock box is enabled, you won’t be able to view the details of tender responses until the closing date and time have passed. You’ll see the response status along with details of the date and time of the response and the name of the person who responded.

  1. Click the organization link under the Organization column to see the response details. The details of the selected response will appear below the organization list.
Tender Invite Response Tab
  1. To download attachments as a single zip file:
  1. Scroll to the Attachments section.
  2. To choose the files to download, select the checkbox of each attachment you want to include in the zip file. If you don’t select any checkboxes, all attachments are included.
  3. Click the Zipped Download button.
  1. To download attachments individually, click the File icon to the left of an attachment to open or save it.
Tender Invite Response Details

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