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Decline a tender invitation when you're not an Aconex user

Decline the tender invitation on behalf of your organization, with a short comment if required. You can't change this response once you've made it.
  1. Open notification email from Aconex in your local email system (for example, Microsoft Outlook).
  2. Click on the link to open the tender invitation.
Tender invitation
  1. Click the Decline Invitation button.
Tender Invite Decline Invite Button
  1. As required, enter a comment in the Provide a comment for the tender initiator field (maximum of 255 characters).
  2. Click the OK button in the confirmation message.
Tender Decline Dialog

A confirmation message will appear when the response has been sent. The confirmation shows the name of the person who declined the invitation, with the date and time that the tender invitation was declined.

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