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Open and respond to a tender invitation when you're not an Aconex user

You don't have to be an Aconex user to receive and respond to a tender invitation.

The link in the tender notification email takes you to the tender invitation in Aconex. Save this email so you can always access the tender information.

  • Users in North America will generally see Bid used in the Aconex interface instead of Tender to conform to local terminology. The functionality is the same.
  • If you can’t find the tender notification email, contact the tender initiator and ask for the invitation to be resent.
  • If you decline the tender invitation, this will be on behalf of your organization.
  • A locked padlock in the Lock Box field indicates that tender responses cannot be viewed until after the closing date and time.
  1. Open notification email from Aconex in your local email system (for example, Microsoft Outlook).
  2. Click on the link to open the tender invitation.
tenders invitation
  1. Review the details of the invitation as required.
Tender Guest Tender Invite Details
  1. Click the:
  • Zipped Download button to open or save a zip file containing all attachments.
  • File icon to the left of an attachment to open or save it.
Tender Guest Tender Download Files
  1. Click the:

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