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Search tenders and tender invitations

The tenders search makes it easier to find the tender you’re looking for.

Aconex search lets you combine tender fields and Boolean searching to quickly and effectively find tenders.

Searching for tender invitations

  1. Click Tenders in the Module Menu.

  2. Select Invitations.

  3. Type your search criteria into the search field. You can search using keywords, in which case the search will search every field of the tenders for the term. Or, you can refine your search using the search strings below.

Tender fieldSearch formatExample
Tender No.tendernotenderno:TGT-45280
Initiator organizationinitiatororginitiatororg:majestic
Open dateopendate (format: year, month, day: yyyymmdd)opendate:20141107
Close dateclosedate (format: year, month, day: yyyymmdd)closedate:20150131
  1. Click the Status field to display the Status window.
  2. Select the status of the tender you want to find, and click the right-pointing arrows to select it.
  3. Click OK to save the selection.
  4. Click Search to retrieve the relevant results.
Status dialog

For example, to find tender invitations that close on Friday, July 31st, 2014, you could use the search string, closedate:20140731.

Searching for tenders using a date

To search for invitations using a certain keyword that you know is in the title—say, scaffolding—you can specify that using title:scaffolding.

If you want to include all invitations that include variations of scaffold, such as scaffolds and scaffolding, you can use the asterisk Boolean operator, like so: title:scaffold*

Searching the title field

Searching for draft tenders

  1. Click Tenders in the Module Menu.

  2. Select Drafts.

  3. Type your search criteria into the search field using the search strings above.

  4. Click Search.

If you know when you saved the draft, you can use the “saveddate” criteria to specify that date in your search.

Or, use the Boolean operator TO to specify a date range if you can’t remember the exact date the tender was saved.

Searching draft tenders

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