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Remove steps from a draft workflow template

Delete steps that aren’t needed from a draft workflow template.
  1. Open a draft workflow template.
  1. Choose your project from the Project Selector at the top of the page.
Project selector
  1. Click Workflows from the Module Menu, and then under Search, click Templates.
Workflow Menu Search Template
  1. Click the Drafts tab.
  2. Enter your search criteria and click the Search button.
Workflow Draft Search Criteria
  1. Click the name of the template you want to edit to open it.
Workflow Search Template Name Link
  1. On the New Template or Edit Workflow Template page, scroll down to the Template Builder.
  2. Click the Delete Step icon for the step you want to delete.
Workflow Create Template Delete Step Icon
  1. Click the OK button on the confirmation message to confirm your changes.

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