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Collaborating by Importing Markups during a Parallel Review

Collaborating with other parallel reviewers during the document review process.

You can collaborate with other parallel reviewers during the document review process using the viewer. This feature is called Parallel Markups Import. 

How it works

During a parallel review, a document is sent to multiple reviewers simultaneously. If the parallel markups feature is working on your project, reviewers have the option of importing markups submitted by other parallel reviewers onto their PDF. This allows them to review the document in context of what the others have expressed, thereby increasing the collaborative nature of a parallel review. 

For example:

  • Two documents are submitted for review to three parallel reviewers.
  • Reviewer 1 marks up Document 1 using the viewer, and submits their review.

Scenario 1

  • Reviewer 2 opens Document 1 after Reviewer 1 completes their submission. 
  • Reviewer 2 sees an alert on the top right side indicating there are parallel reviews available for importing. 
  • Reviewer 2 can click the link, and all viewer markups from the first submission are imported onto his file.

Scenario 2

  • Reviewer 3 is already looking at Document 1 when Reviewer 1 submits the document. 
  • When reviewer 3 adds the next markup, or submits the document, they will be alerted that markups from another reviewer are available for import. 

In other words, reviewers are alerted about markups that are available for import either:

  • when they open the document, or;
  • when they take the next action on a document they already have open. 

Note: Imported markups cannot be moved or deleted by the importing reviewer. This is done to retain the integrity of the submitted markups. 

The importing reviewer can comment on the imported markups using the Comments panel on the right. A comment thread can be built against any markup that is imported.

Multiple reviewers on a single review step

If there is more than one reviewer assigned to a review step, make sure everyone knows that markups are being imported. If two reviewers are looking at the document at the same time, and one of them imports markups from another review, the second reviewer will not see those imported markups unless they reload the page.

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