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Consolidating markups from parallel reviews

Combine all the markups added by different reviewers into one document.

Consolidation is a handy feature that allows you to merge all of the comments made during parallel steps of a review process.

After the review process, the markups are delivered in the form of a zip file to the reviewer of the next step.

Consolidating markups from parallel reviews

Below is an example workflow template, that contains a consolidator step right after a parallel review step.  

parallel review

Clicking on the Consolidate markups button will generate a PDF with all the markups added by the reviewers.

Note that the consolidate option is available on the step immediately after any parallel review. If that happens to be a Lead Reviewer step, the reviewer can edit or delete all markups in the consolidated file. If consolidation occurs in a non-Lead Review step, then the reviewer cannot alter the markups.

consolidate markups

A lead reviewer is able to edit and delete markups ONLY if the workflow outcome is decided by the “Final step outcome (Lead reviewer)” and not by the “Lowest of all step outcomes”.

Consolidation Tips:

To give the consolidation feature the best chance of being successful, we recommend that all reviewers use Aconex’s Online Viewer to do their markups. 

However, there may be times when reviewers need to downloaded the file, mark it up in another tool and re-upload the file.

It’s important to note that the Markup feature is designed to be compatible with the Portable Document Format (PDF). If you download a document, print it out and add hand drawn notes then try to scan and upload this into the system it won’t work.

Consolidation will not work if the original file is altered or replaced.

Some applications may add particular annotations that don’t strictly adhere to the PDF standard. E.g. “Fill & Sign” for Adobe Acrobat or some options within Bluebeam’s Revu. If consolidation issues occur, we recommend ensuring all markups adhere to the PDF standard.

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