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Download with Markup Summary

Download your marked up PDF files with an included comments summary

The Download with Markup Summary feature allows users to download a PDF file, including any markups created using the Viewer. A summary sheet is also included in the downloaded file, providing details of all review comments made during a review process.  This can be used as a comments or reference sheet.

Important notes:

  • This feature currently supports PDF files that were marked up in the Online Viewer.
  • Only the latest version of the document will be downloaded, regardless if a historical version was selected.
  • Markups will be flattened in the downloaded file meaning they are unable to be edited.

Using Download with Markup Summary

  1. Search for the document in Document Register.
  1. Hover over the row for the Document until you see the ellipsis menu (three dots) appear. Click this to see the menu options.
ellipsis menu
  1. Select Download with Markup Summary.  

Your web browser will manage how the file is saved to your computer, which you can then open using your preferred PDF viewer.

select the download with markup summary option

Downloading the Markup Summary from the properties screen

The Markup Summary can also be downloaded from the Document properties screen. 

  1. To access the properties screen for a Document, click on the title of the Document from the search screen.
  2. Click Download with Markup Summary.
download with markup summary

Viewing the summary sheet

A summary sheet is included on the last page of the download file.   It lists the unique identifier (ID), Type, and Comments for each markup in the file.  

Example below:

the summary sheet markup information

The below PDF example contains three markups, each with their own unique reference ID’s (indicated with white text and black highlight).

example with three markups and their IDs

Known observations - to be addressed in a future release:

  • If the filename contains space in it, then space is replaced by a “+” in the downloaded file name.
  • The summary sheet is available in all supported languages except Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Traditional Chinese.

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