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Dynamic Stamps

Dynamic stamps allow users who are reviewing documents in a workflow to stamp their review outcome directly onto the document in the online viewer.

This is standard functionality in the online viewer that requires no set up other than adding optional disclaimer text. Stamps are dynamically generated and include information such as your organization's logo, review name and org, review outcome and disclaimer text. Content from dynamic fields such as user, document type and workflow, are populated using Aconex system data. Once added, stamps can be removed, moved and re-sized. However, once submitted, a dynamic stamp can only be removed by a Lead Reviewer.

Stamping review outcomes on documents means the review result can be seen on the document even if the doc is viewed outside of Aconex. For example, if it is printed to paper or viewed in another system. This means everybody involved in the review process has more certainty of the status of a document they’re viewing, even if they are not Aconex users. E.g. somebody building from a hard copy drawing has more confidence that it is the properly approved revision because the stamp is embedded in the document.

There are three levels of Dynamic Stamp you can use:

  • Name and Date - this has the reviewer's name and organization.
  • Review Outcome - this has the reviewer's name, organization and outcome.
  • Review Outcome Extended - this has the:
    • organization’s logo, as defined by the org admin.
    • reviewer's name and organization. This data is automatically entered by Aconex.
    • review outcome. This data is automatically entered by Aconex.
    • disclaimer text, which is set up by the org admin in Setup/Configuration/Preferences/Project/Viewer.

Using Dynamic Stamps

  1. Start by opening a document in a workflow to see it in the viewer. Note that if the Review all… icon is not enabled, you cannot open this workflow.
The review all documents icon.
  1. On the left you can see a list of icons with the Image Stamps icon at the bottom.
The Image stamps icon.
  1. Click this to see the stamp options starting with Image Stamp and finishing with Review Outcome Extended.
The Stamps options with Review Outcome Extended highlighted.
  1. Click on Review Outcome Extended and drag it onto the drawing. 
The dynamic stamp has been dragged onto the document being reviewed.
  1. You can resize and move the stamp as required before you submit the document. The stamp will automatically be updated with the review outcome if you change it before submission.

  2. Submit the document to finish the process.

Remember that once you’ve submitted a document the dynamic stamp can only be removed by a Lead Reviewer.

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