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Mark up changes to a document in a workflow step using the Online Viewer

Use the online viewer to mark up and save changes to documents you're reviewing.
  1. Open the workflow step from the My Tasks page.
  2. Click either the Document Number or the Markup icon (the pencil icon) to open the document in Doc Mode where you can view the document and add markups.
  1. Use the markup tools to mark up the document.
  2. Click the ‘Toggle Notes Panel’ button to open the Notes panel at the right.  This allows you to view all existing markups and their full thread of comments.
open the notes panel to view all comments
  1. Your markups are automatically saved as you work. If you leave the screen for any reason, your markups, comments, and review outcome are right there in your draft when you come back, ready for you to continue. Learn more
save your markups as draft


If you do not submit your review after saving then your comments and markups are only a draft. If the initiator skips your step or terminates the workflow before you submit your review, then all your comments and markups will be lost.

Complete the workflow for the selected documents

  1. Add your review status and comments/markups to the document

  2. When ready, click the Submit Review button

Note: this will send this document on to the next reviewer in the workflow via transmittal. Submitting documents one by one allows the next reviewer to start working on documents as soon as they are available but also creates a Workflow Transmittal for each document. If you wish to reduce the number of transmittals sent or to keep all of your documents in a single batch as they make their way through the workflow, you should submit them all together.

  1. Click Back to List to return to List Mode.
  1. If you entered a Review Outcome or Comments for any documents you’ll see them here. You can also make changes from this screen.
  2. Select the documents you wish to submit and click the Submit Selected Documents button.
  1. Click Submit Documents in the confirmation message to complete the process.


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