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Online Viewer guidelines, supported file types and fonts

Best practices and supported files and fonts when using the Online Viewer.

Viewer Guidelines and Best Practices

  • Ensure you are using a supported web browser and that it is up to date.
  • Avoid changing your computer network connection during a review.
  • Save often during your reviews (at least every hour).
  • Complete your reviews within a single browser tab. Avoid opening the same review in multiple browser tabs.
  • Use supported fonts in your PDF's. See below.

Up to 5MB of markups can be added each time you Save. If your markups exceed the 5MB limit when you click Save, you will receive a message to reduce the number of markups. If you intend to add large numbers of markups, we suggest adding them in batches and saving regularly.

Supported File Types

The online viewer currently supports PDF files for viewing and markup. 

There are high quality and/or free tools available for download that allow other file types registered on Aconex to be viewed on your desktop:

Supported Fonts

The Online Viewer supports an extensive range of generic fonts.  If a certain font in your PDF is unsupported by the viewer, it will find the closest match from the supported fonts below, so you can still view the text, but with a slightly different font. When creating text in your PDF's we recommend using the supported fonts listed below:

Supported Fonts
ArialNoto Sans TC Light
Arial BoldNoto Sans TC Medium
Arial Bold ItalicNoto Sans TC Regular
Arial ItalicNoto Sans TC Thin
CourierNoto Sans Thai
Courier BoldNoto Sans Thai Bold
Courier Bold ItalicOpen Sans
Courier ItalicOpen Sans Bold
HelveticaOpen Sans Extra Bold
Helvetica BoldOpen Sans Extra Bold Italic
Helvetica Bold ItalicOpen Sans Light
Helvetica ItalicOpen Sans Light Italic
Liberation SerifOpen Sans Semi Bold
Liberation Serif BoldOpen Sans Semi Bold Italic
Liberation Serif Bold ItalicOpen Symbol
Liberation Serif ItalicOpen Windings
Mplus1p BlackRoboto Black
Mplus1p BoldRoboto Black Italic
Mplus1p HeavyRoboto Bold
Mplus1p LightRoboto Bold Italic
Mplus1p MediumRoboto Italic
Mplus1p RegularRoboto Light
Mplus1p ThinRoboto Light Italic
Noto Sans ArabicRoboto Medium
Noto Sans Arabic BlackRoboto Medium Italic
Noto Sans Arabic BoldRoboto Mono
Noto Sans Arabic Extra BoldRoboto Mono Bold
Noto Sans Arabic Extra LightRoboto Mono Bold Italic
Noto Sans Arabic MediumRoboto Mono Italic
Noto Sans Arabic RegularRoboto Mono Light
Noto Sans Arabic ThinRoboto Mono Light Italic
Noto Sans KR BlackRoboto Mono Medium
Noto Sans KR BoldRoboto Mono Medium Italic
Noto Sans KR LightRoboto 
Noto Sans KR MediumSymbol
Noto Sans KR RegularTimes Bold
Noto Sans KR ThinTimes Bold Italic
Noto Sans KR Times Italic
Noto Sans SCTimes Roman
Noto Sans SC BlackTinos Bold
Noto Sans SC BoldTinos Bold Italic
Noto Sans SC LightTinos Italic
Noto Sans SC MediumTinos Light
Noto Sans SC RegularTinos Light Italic
Noto Sans SC ThinTinos Medium
Noto Sans TCTinos Medium Italic
Noto Sans TC BlackZapf Dingbats
Noto Sans TC Bold

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