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Publish markups with other reviewers in the same step

Collaborate in confidence by sharing your autosaved markups with other reviewers

Say goodbye to manual saving

While reviewing documents in the viewer your markups are automatically saved as you work. If you leave the screen for any reason, your markups, comments, and review outcome are right there in your draft when you come back, ready for you to continue. 


Autosaving only applies when marking up in a Document Review process. If you’re marking up files directly from the Document Register, you’ll need to manually Save your work.

What do we mean by 'reviewers in the same step'

If you are working on a review that has multiple reviewers in the same step, you can Publish your auto saved draft so other reviewers in the step can see your markups and comments too. 

Below is an example where multiple reviewers have been added to the same step.

reviewers in same step

 Note this functionality has no impact on parallel review imports, which remains unchanged. Publish markups only applies to reviewers within the same step.

Publish your markups

Here we see the message that explains we need to Publish Markups to allow other reviewers in the same step to see our saved markups.

publish markups

What if other reviewers have unpublished markups?

Once you have completed your review and published your markups you are ready to submit your review. On submission, you'll receive a message to warn you if other reviewers have saved markups that they haven't yet published for you to see. In this case, you'll need to contact them and ask them to hit their Publish Markups button. You'll need to contact them before you proceed. 

Alternatively, you can choose to overwrite their markups with your own. Doing so will result in the other reviewers permanently losing their unpublished markups, so we recommend you check with them first.

warning message

Publishing markups in list mode

Any information you update in List mode (such as Review outcome or comments) will autosave. The Publish markups option can be found under the ellipsis (three dots) menu for each document in the review.

list mode

If you are submitting in List Mode, you must publish your markups. A yellow notification icon will display in the Markups column for each document that requires markups to be published

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the save button?
Your markups and comments are automatically saved as you work. There's no need for you to explicitly save.

What does Publish markups do?
It's a way of sharing your saved markups with other reviewers in the same step, making collaboration easier.

Can I publish markups in bulk for multiple documents?
No. You must publish markups for each document individually.

Can I still use Internet Explorer (IE11) as my web browser?
Microsoft is discontinuing support for IE11. IE11 will not be supported by Aconex in any capacity after July 31, 2021. Please see Web browsers and operating systems supported by Aconex.

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