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Review more than one document at the same time

Change the review outcome of multiple documents at the same time.

In a workflow, you can apply changes to more than one document at the same time.

Use the online viewer to review multiple documents

You can review a number of documents sequentially in the viewer and submit them together in one step.  This allows you to gradually work through the review of your documents and save your progress until you are ready to submit.

To do this, you complete your review of each document and save each one as a draft.

When you’ve completed the review of all documents in the Viewer and saved, you click the Back arrow button on the top right and continue the process in the steps below.

Apply your changes to some of the documents in the workflow

  1. Select the documents you want to approve or reject.
Workflow Doc For Review Bulk Review Select
  1. Click the Bulk Review button.
Workflow Doc For Review Bulk Review Button
  1. Change the status in the Review Outcome field.
  2. Add your comments in the Comments field.
  3. In the Copy to section, you can apply your changes to:
    • the documents you've selected: choose Selected Documents.
    • any documents that do not currently have a review status or comment: choose Blank documents.
  4. Click OK.
Workflow Doc For Review Bulk Review Dialog
  1. To save your changes without submitting them for review, click the Save and Continue button.
  2. To complete this workflow review, click the Submit Selected Documents button.
Workflow Doc For Review Bulk Action Button

Apply your changes to all documents, or all documents without a review status

  1. Click the Bulk Review button. Don't select any documents.
  2. Select the Review Outcome you want to apply.

  3. Type in any comments you want to add.

  4. To apply your changes to:

    • all documents in this Workflow, select All documents in the Copy to section
    • only the documents without a status, select Blank documents in the Copy to section.
The Bulk Review Options panel
  1. Click OK to apply these changes.
  2. Click Submit Selected Documents to complete this workflow step.

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