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Supported Markup tools in the Online Viewer

The Online Viewer supports all the standard PDF annotations/markup tools with some limitations

The Online Viewer supports a standard set of PDF annotations and markup tools as below:

  • Sticky Note & Callout
  • Text, Text highlight, Underline, Squiggly and Strikeout
  • Shapes (Square, Rectangle, Arrow, Cloud, and Polygon)
  • Freehand drawing
  • Signature tool
  • Image-based Stamps (.png, .jpg and .gif)
  • Dynamic Stamps
  • Attachments (with limitations):
    • Users can attach files up to 5MB. The 5MB is per save.
    • Supported file attachments are Microsoft files, text, image files, drawings, PDF and zip formats
    • Unsupported file attachments are .icar, .exe, .xml, .sql and .svg type file format.


While the Online Viewer is compatible with commonly used markup tools, we continue working towards increasing our support.   

Any extended markups (not listed above) created using third-party applications, such as Adobe reader, PDFCreator, or Bluebeam may result in compatibility issues when viewed in the Online Viewer. As an example, a dotted arrow produced in Bluebeam will be visible as a solid arrow in the Viewer.

Adobe Markup tools currently unsupported are:

  • Fill & Sign
  • E-Signatures 
  • Password protected PDFs

We recommend you avoid using these tools until we provide support for them, as they will not be recognized by the Online Viewer. Use the Dynamic Stamp and Image Stamp tools as an alternative to Fill & Sign.

Interactive PDFs

An Interactive PDF allows users to add/edit data within a PDF using components such as hyperlinks, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, and text entry fields.

The Online Viewer will open interactive PDFs for viewing, but support for marking up within them is limited.
Text entered in a text field can be only be saved if an additional Viewer markup is added to the PDF before saving.
This workaround applies only for Text fields. Values selected in other components such as radio buttons and drop-down boxes cannot be saved.

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