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The Workflows search page

Searching for a workflow? Use the Workflows search to find what you need, fast.
  1. Choose your project name from the Project Selector.
  1. Click Workflows in the Module Menu, and under Search, click Workflows.
Workflow Menu Search Workflow

Search Criteria Fields

Search criteria fieldsEnter or choose the terms you’re searching for in the appropriate fields. Note that Date Range allows you to search for Workflows on the date they were started, completed, or due.
Super SearchEnter text here to search for the text in all workflow fields.
Show my tasks onlySelect to search only for workflow tasks assigned to you.

Deselect to search for all workflow tasks.

Group byChoose if workflows are grouped and by which criteria.
Sort byChoose which field the result list is sorted by.
Show per pageChoose the number of workflows shown on a page.

Search Buttons

Workflow Search Button
Configure ColumnsChoose the columns that appear in the search results, and change the order of the columns as needed.
ClearClick to clear all search criteria fields.
SearchClick to search using the selected search criteria.

Action Buttons

The actions tools
ReportsClick and choose the type of report you want to generate. See Create a report on your workflows' progress.
DelegateClick to delegate this workflow task to another user in your organization.

See Delegating a Document in a Workflow Step

Supplementary FilesClick to display a list of supplementary files attached to the workflow.

Please note: This button only appears if the workflow has supplementary files attached.

Initiator ToolsYou can choose to reassign a step, skip a step, terminate a step, or edit the markup options for a step.

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