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Start a subworkflow from a workflow assigned to you

Create a subworkflow to add steps within a workflow step assigned to you.

Subworkflows let you add steps to a workflow step that you've been assigned. (For more information, see What's a subworkflow?)

For example, you might need to work with several others to achieve the step outcome. You could start a subworkflow that defines that process and involves those other parties.

You may also need to attach supplementary files to your subworkflow, for example, to give instructions to the parties involved in that process.

Start a subworkflow

  1. Open the workflow.
    If you need step-by-step instructions, see our help on opening a workflow task from the My Tasks page.
  2. Select the documents that you want to submit into a subworkflow.
  3. Click the Start Subworkflow button.
Workflow Doc For Review Subworkflow Select Submit

If you are the reviewer and the Start Workflow button is not available, this means you don't have the right permissions under their user role to initiate workflows. Or, the step is a parallel step which you cannot initiate a subworkflow from. 

If you need to use Start a Workflow but the Start a Workflow button isn’t available for your project, please contact the Aconex Service Desk.

  1. You'll see the first page of the Start Workflow Wizard, called Select Documents. Your chosen documents should appear here. If you need to add some notes or instructions for the reviewers, attach them as a supplementary file to this workflow
  2. Click the Next button.
  3. You'll see the Select Workflow Template page of the wizard. Choose the template you want to use for this workflow. By default, you'll only see workflow templates created by your organization. To search through templates created by all organizations on the project, uncheck the Show templates from my organization only box.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. You'll see the View and Edit Workflow Settings page of the wizard.
  6. Type a descriptive name for your subworkflow into the Workflow Name field.
  7. Enter any workflow instructions into the Workflow Note field. This information is visible to all participants reviewing documents in the workflow.
Workflow Subworkflow Set Name

You'll see a warning message if:

  • the completion date for the subworkflow is later than the completion date of the parent workflow
  • any participant in the subworkflow is a participant in the parent workflow.
  1. Complete the fields you need in the Transmittal Settings section.
Workflow Wizard Step 3 Transmittal Setting
  1. Add any recipients that you want copied on the final transmittal in the Final Transmittal – Additional Cc Recipients field.
Workflow Wizard Step 3 Final Transmittal Cc
  1. Edit the subworkflow's step details and completion rules if you need to.
Workflow Wizard Step 3 Edit Step
  1. Click the Submit button to activate the subworkflow. You'll see the transmittal for the documents within your subworkflow.
Workflow Wizard Submit Button

If the review timeframes you've put into your subworkflow exceed the time allowed for this review step in the original workflow, you'll see a warning about that when you click Submit. You can choose to ignore the warning, but be aware of the impact this will have on other project participants and their deliverables.

Attach supplementary files to a workflow

Once you've attached a file on the Supplementary Files tab, it can't be removed from the workflow.

  1. Click the Supplementary Files tab.
  2. Click the Attach File button.
Workflow Sup Files Attach File Button
  1. To attach files from your computer or local network, click the Local Computer/Network button. Then you can either:
    1. Click the Drag and Drop to browse for files and then click Open, or;
    2. Use drag and drop functionality to upload your files.

Once you’ve added a file, you can add another with Add Files. Now you can click Attach to upload the files.

Workflow Add Local File
  1. To attach documents from your register:
  1. Type your search criteria into the search field and click Search.
  2. Select the checkbox for each document that you want to attach.
  3. Click Attach to upload the files.
Workflow Attach doc
  1. You can enter any comments you need into the Comments field for each attachment.
  2. Click OK to finish.
Workflow Attach File comment

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