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Start a workflow

Add documents to a workflow, then transmit them to a set of reviewers.

You can start a workflow using documents from:

Step 1a. Use documents from your Document Register

  1. Check that you have the correct project selected.
  2. Click Documents.
  3. Select Document Register.
  4. Complete the search criteria.
  5. Click Search.
Search for your documents
  1. Select each document that you want to add to your workflow.
  2. Click Transmit.
  3. Select Start a Workflow.

Skip to Step 2. Check your documents.

start workflow

Step 1b. Use documents from a transmittal

If you've received a transmittal containing documents that you want to submit into a workflow, follow these steps.

  1. Open the transmittal.
  2. Scroll to the Document Attachments.
  3. Select the documents you want to submit into the workflow.
  4. Click Start a Workflow.
Start a workflow from a transmittal

Step 2. Check your documents

  1. Check that the documents you've added are correct.
Are your documents correct?

Need to add more documents to your workflow?

This step is optional.

  1. Click the Add Documents button.
  2. Search and add documents from your Document Register.

Need to add instructions for the document reviewers?

This step is optional.

Add detailed instructions and other relevant documents that aren't intended for review as supplementary files. This could be a .txt file, a Word document, or any other file format.

The supplementary file will be attached to your workflow. It will be seen by all document reviewers, but it won't be formally reviewed by your document reviewers.

  1. Click on the Supplementary Files tab.
  2. Click Attach File.
  3. Add the file from either your computer or your Document Register.
Supplementary files are attached

Step 3. Select a workflow template

  1. Now, click Next.
  2. Select a workflow template from the list that displays.

  3. Click Next.

Select a template

Can't see the workflow template you need?

Here are some of the common reasons why you can't find a workflow template:

  • By default, you'll only see templates created by your organization. Uncheck Show templates from my organization only to see templates created outside your organization.
  • Only active templates will be shown in this list. Ask the Workflows Administrator to activate the workflow template you need if it doesn't appear here.

Step 4. Finalize and transmit your workflow

  1. In the Workflow Name field, give your workflow a descriptive name. This will make it easier to track and report on your workflow's progress.
  2. In the Workflow Note field, you can enter instructions for the document reviewers. All reviewers will see your instructions.
Add the workflow Name and Note
  1. Complete the Transmittal Settings section as you would complete any other transmittal by selecting attributes, a reason for issue, and any other available fields.
  2. If you'd like certain project participants to receive a copy of the final transmittal, add their name into the Final Transmittal – Additional CC Recipients field.

Filling in the extra information
  1. Depending on the workflow template you're using, you may also be able to edit the workflow steps, if you need to.
Edit workflow steps
  1. Click Submit to start the workflow. You'll see a copy of your transmittal.
The workflow transmittal

Next steps

Now that you've started these documents in a workflow, you may need to make some changes to this workflow and track its progress.

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