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What are Workflows?

The Workflows module makes document reviews smoother.

Workflows are a tool that helps your team get document reviews done, whether you’re managing the review process, or you’re one of the reviewers.

How do they work?

  1. Your project’s administrators set up workflow templates to cover the different document review processes you’ll use on the project.

  2. The Workflows Initiator starts the workflow, and manages the documents through the review process.

  3. Reviewers see Documents Awaiting Review on their Tasks page. These are documents they need to review as part of a workflow.

As you’d expect, the actions people take in a review affect the review’s progress, and its overall outcome. Each reviewer is allocated a certain amount of time to do a review, which helps to keep the review process on track.

You can also search and report on the progress of Workflows your company’s involved with.


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