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Who is my Org Admin (Organization Administrator)?

Your Org Admin is someone who works for your organization or company and manages the way you and your colleagues use Aconex.

Your Org Admin is one of the first people to ask when you are have questions about using Aconex.

Your Org Admin can:

  • create an account on Aconex for you
  • reset your username if you’ve forgotten it
  • give you advice and direction if you have questions about using Aconex.

Find your Org Admin

  1. Click on the Help link in the far right hand side of Aconex.
Help Link
  1. You'll see this screen:
Who is Org Admin

It displays the details for up to five Org Admins in your organization (most organizations have less than five).

Need the full list of Org Admins?

If there are more than five Org Admins in your organization, contact the Aconex Service Desk for the full list of names.

Need the name of an Org Admin from another organization?

Sometimes you need to contact the Org Admin from another organization.

  1. Search for that organization in the Aconex global directory:
    • Click on Directory in the module menu.
    • Select the Global tab.
    • Fill in some search details and click Search.
  2. When you find the person in the search results, click on their organization's name to see the Organization Information page. The Organization Admins will be listed here, along with their contact details.
Org Admin Another Org

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