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Working with Documents

Working with Documents

Find out how to upload, send, update and review documents.

Basic Tasks in Documents

Documents basics

Learn the basics such as opening, reviewing and sharing documents.

Advanced Tasks in Documents

Documents advanced

Learn how to perform tasks such as superseding, reviewing older versions, sending print requests and uploading confidential documents.

Using Related Items

Working with 10 or more documents at once

Searching for documents? Learn about searching in Aconex here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are documents "awaiting your review"?
Why is the date of a document transmittal different in Tasks and Search than in the Event Log, transmittal view and Transmittal History?
How can I keep zip files zipped when I upload them to Aconex?
Who can see my documents?
Any feedback?

Thanks. A ticket has been opened with the Support Central team.