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Duplicate versions of the same document

Have you accidentally uploaded a new document while you were issuing the next version of that document?

Or do you have a bunch of different versions of the same document uploaded into Aconex under different names? Here's how to fix that.

Doc Duplicate Search Result Page

In the screenshot above revision D and E of the Cover Sheet & Legend have all been registered as new documents. In Aconex once a document is uploaded, it's best to supersede revisions as this will maintain version control.

Here’s how to clean up your Document Register, if you do have multiple versions of the same document.

Read more about version control in Aconex.

First, update all the older versions of your document

  1. Click on the title of the oldest version of the document you uploaded.
  2. Click Supersede Document. 

    Alternatively, open the ellipsis menu for the Document and click Supersede)
supersede document
  1. Change the Status, Revision and Revision Date fields so they are the same as the most recent version of the document.You can also add a comment like “document register clean up” or “duplicate document”.
  2. Click Browse and upload the latest version of your document.
  3. Click the Supersede Document button.

Repeat these steps for every version of the document in Aconex that isn’t the latest version.

Mark the older versions of your document as No Longer in Use

  1. Now select the duplicate documents that you want to hide in the Document Register.
  2. Click on Tools.
No Longer in Use Tool
  1. Choose Mark as No longer in Use. If you don't have this option see your Organization Administrator for access.
  2. Click the Mark as No Longer in Use button at the right of the screen.You’ll receive a prompt asking you to send a transmittal to the users who received copies of the documents you just marked as No Longer in Use.
Doc Nolonger in Use Auto Update Transmittal
  1. Select the checkboxes next to the document.
  2. In the subject or the body of the Auto-Update Transmittal let recipients know you are clearing up the Document Register and these revisions will be re-issued.
  3. Click Send.
click send

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