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How to upload confidential documents

All documents you upload into Aconex can be accessed by anyone in your organization.

If you're uploading documents that only certain people should have access to, mark them as confidential.

  1. Check that you have the correct project selected.
  2. Click Documents.
  3. Select Upload a New Document.
    If you're uploading a number of documents at the same time you can select Multiple File Upload instead.
  4. Complete all mandatory details about your document. Mandatory fields are marked in yellow.
  5. Click Confidential.
  1. You'll receive a confirmation message.
    Click OK
  1. Click the Edit/View Access List button
edit access list
  1. Type the name of one of the people in your organization you want to give access to.
  2. Click the Search icon or press Enter.
access list
  1. Their name will appear on the list.
    Repeat these steps to add more names to the access list.
  2. Once you have finished adding names, click the OK button.
complete access list
  1. Click Upload.
    You'll receive the upload confirmation screen.

Your document/s are now uploaded and are marked confidential. Only you, and the people on the access list, will be able to view the documents.

If you click on the View in document register link you'll see that your document is marked with an icon. This means that the document is confidential.


Edit the access list for a confidential document

If you need to add or remove users from the access list

  1. Find your document in the document register.
  2. Click on the arrow and select Properties.
  1. Click the Edit/View Access List button to make your changes.
edit the access list
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