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What is a "locked document"? How do I lock or unlock a document?

Locked documents cannot be modified or superseded.

This page answers these questions:

A locked document:

  • is shown with the Lock icon enabled
  • cannot be edited or moved while it is locked, except by the user who locked it.
  • it is viewable by anyone with permission to see it.

How do I know a document is locked?

You’ll see a padlock icon in the document row when you search your organization’s Document Register.

In the image below, the document called Report on Outstanding Actions is locked. Note that the second icon show a document locked in a workflow.

Can I unlock documents in a Workflow or Supplier Documents process?

If a document is in a Workflow review or Supplier Document process, it can't be unlocked.

Find out more about Using Workflows or Using Supplier Documents.

Who can lock or unlock documents?

By default, users can lock documents and unlock the documents they've locked. By default, users with the Organization Administrator or Project Administrator user role can lock and unlock documents.

Not sure what a user role is? Find out more.

I need to be able to unlock documents

Speak to your Organization Administrator. They can grant you permissions to unlock documents using our information on allowing a user group permission to lock and unlock documents.

How do I lock or unlock a document?

  1. Double-click Documents in the Module Menu.
  2. Enter your search criteria and click Search.
  3. Locate the required document.
  4. Click the padlock in the far right hand column.

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