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What are placeholder documents?

If you want to reserve document numbers at the start of a project, create placeholder documents.

Placeholders act as ‘envelopes' within Aconex. You can create a placeholder at any time.

How do I create a placeholder document?

If you are creating one or two placeholder documents follow this article - Create a placeholder.

If you are creating more than a few placeholder documents follow this article - Create multiple document placeholders at the same time.

How do I add the required document to the placeholder?

You can supersede placeholders with the required document at any time during your project. Follow the steps here - Supersede a single document

When would I use placeholder documents?

Placeholder documents are usually used:

  • If you're using Supplier Documents to request documents from suppliers
  • If you're using O&M Manuals Solutions
  • A Project Administrator is setting up a new project and wants to reserve specific document numbers for certain key documents.

Help! I can't create a placeholder document for my project

Ask your Org Administrator to check the Project Settings for your project.

If you are an Org Admin or a Project Administrator

  1. Click Setup
  2. Select Project Settings.
  3. Select the Document Fields tab.The mandatory checkbox beside the File field should not be ticked (otherwise it will always be mandatory for project participants to upload a file).
mandatory fields

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