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What is a supersede candidate?

An updated version of a document in your document register is a 'supersede candidate'.

A supersede candidate is a type of temporary file that you can automatically match to an existing, registered document.

A supersede candidate must have:

  • the same document number as a document that's already registered in Aconex
  • a higher revision number or letter than the registered version of that document.

If you're switching from using numbers to using letters to denote versions, e.g. the current version is 3, and the next version will be A, the new document revisions will also be identified as a supersede candidate in Aconex.

However, if you're switching from using letters to using numbers to denote versions, e.g. the current version is C, and the next version will be 1, those document revisions won't be identified as supersede candidates. If this happens you can use bulk supersede to manually update the revision to the new format.

Supersede candidates are used as part of bulk upload and supersede processes. Find out how to upload and supersede documents in bulk.

View the supersede candidate list

  1. Click Documents.
  2. Select Temporary Files.
  3. Check Show supersede candidates.
  1. Click the Search button.
  2. Your supersede candidates appear in the search results.

You'll also see the Move to Register button changes to Bulk Supersede. You can select one or more of the documents in the search results, and supersede all your selections at once by clicking this button.

My file isn't appearing as a supersede candidate

Check the revision number or letter on your supersede candidate file.

If you’ve changed from using letters to numbers on your most recent revision, your file won’t be listed.

When do I use supersede candidates?

Use them when you are updating a number of documents at the same time. Follow our step-by-step instructions to upload multiple documents to the register at once.

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