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What are Temporary Files?

Temporary files are not registered to your project. They're often created as part of a bulk process or by the Aconex system.

Temporary Files are usually created by:

  • Document administrators, as part of a bulk process they are in the middle of completing
  • the Aconex system. Reports, system logs and other files that don't need to be registered into your project will be created in the Temporary Files section.

Temporary Files:

  • are not registered to your project
  • do not have a document number
  • can be deleted.

How do I get access to my project's Temporary Files?

To view the Temporary Files for a project:

  1. Click Documents
  2. Select Document Register
  3. Click the Temporary Files tab.
temporary files
  1. You can search, move or delete documents from the Temporary Files section of the Document Register.
Temporary Files overview

Supersede candidates are a type of temporary file

Find out more about supersede candidates and how they're used.

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