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View the Event Log to see which users have accessed or changed a document

It's easy to see who from your organization has accessed a document in Aconex.

Use the Event Log to see who within your own organization has downloaded, reviewed, opened or updated a document.

  1. Choose your project from the Project Selector at the top of the page.
  1. Click Documents.
  2. Under Search, click Document Register.
Doc Search Doc Register Menu
  1. Complete one or more search criteria fields.
  2. Click the Search button.
  1. Click in the search result row for the document you want to open.
  2. Choose Event Log.
Doc Option Menu Event Log
  1. You'll receive a list of all document events, the person's name, the revision number of the document, the date and the time.

Remember, the event log only shows activity by people within your organization.

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