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View Print Requests as a Print Shop

Login as a print shop to view and action print requests

Print Shops are a unique type of Organization on Aconex, allowing them to view print requests submitted to them by other organizations. Aconex allows print shops to set pricing and manage accounts to track payments of requests.

View Current Print Requests

  1. Login to Aconex and click Options > View Current Print Requests.
view print requests
  1. Enter your search criteria to filter print requests or just click Search.
  2. Click the request number of a print request to view it’s details.
search and view
  1. View information about the request from the top panel, such as the Organization and user who requested it.
  2. Download files individually by clicking on the file icon.
download single files
  1. Download multiple files as a zip file by selecting them and clicking ZIP.
zip download
  1. Once a print request has been completed, click Set To Completed to mark it complete and notify the requestor.
set completed
  1. Keep track of requests that are Paid or Unpaid.  From the print request list update the payment status to Yes (paid) or No (unpaid) and click Save Payment Status.
update payment status

Manage Price Schedules

Maintain a list of prices for different organizations based on media types, print sizes and delivery options. Options > Price Schedule.

price schedules
edit price schedules

Manage Accounts

View requests and payment status for each organization.  Options > Accounts.

accounts details

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