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Try the new upload experience

Opt-in for a faster way to upload and supersede your documents

So you need to upload some documents? Not sure which menu to select? Short on time? We've got some great news...

Upload re-imagined

We've redesigned Aconex's upload experience from the ground up, to make working with documents faster and more intuitive than ever before.

Learn how to:


Why you'll love the new upload experience:

  • Fewer clicks to register your documents. Add Documents or Placeholders directly from search results. Upload actions are clear and intuitive.
  • Intelligent updates. We'll automatically detect when you're trying to update an existing document and mark it with an Update label.
  • Fast metadata extraction. Details such as title, revision, and document number are automatically populated from the filename, saving time from manual input.
  • Asynchronous upload. Start filling your metadata immediately while your files upload in the background. You no longer need to wait for all uploads to complete before starting the metadata entry.
  • On-screen status labels keep you on track. Always know which documents are new, updated, placeholders, or missing information.
  • Easy import from Excel. Drop a metadata template spreadsheet directly from the upload screen to pre-fill metadata, eliminating the complex bulk processing flow from the past.
  • Edit your way. Choose either the list or table view to manage your workspace. Bulk edit replaces the copy-to-panel allowing you to select your files and update metadata in bulk. 


Ready to begin? Here's how to Opt-in.

  1. From the navigation menu click Documents
  2. From the banner, click Try Now
  3. Enjoy the new experience! Make sure you tell us what you think so we can continue to improve these new features. 

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