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Adding Related Items

Learn how to add relationships between documents.
  1. In the Document Register, find the document you want to add related items to.
  2. Click on the file name to go to the Document Properties view.
  3. Click the Related Items tab and then click the Manage Related Items button.

manage related items
  1. Select Add – you’ll have two options at this point:
    • Use Add New Related Items to create new relationships
    • Use Copy from Other Document to give the current document the same relationships as exist in another document.

Add New Related Items

  1. Choose the relationship you want to apply.
  2. Use Search to find the document(s) you want to link your document to.
  3. Click the checkbox in the left column for the document(s) and then click Add Related Items.

Copy from Other Document

  1. Use Search to find the document(s) you want to copy the relationships from.
  2. Click the checkbox in the left column for that document and then click Copy Related Items.
  3. On the Manage Related Items screen, click Save to finalize your work.

Can other organization see the relationships I created?

Other organizations on the project will only see related items for documents that exist in their document register. Therefore, if you want other organizations to see all the relationships you have configured, you'll need to transmit all the related documents to them.

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