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Create a document upload profile

Use a document profile to apply common tags when you’re uploading a number of documents at the same time.

A document profile will speed up the time it takes you to upload and register your documents.

  1. Check that you have the correct project selected.
  2. Click Documents.
  3. Under Actions click Multiple File Upload.
Documents dropdown menu with Multiple File Upload selected
  1. Click the Create Upload Profile button.
Multi File Upload button
  1. Fill in the details for your document upload profile.
Profile nameGive your profile a descriptive name.
Profile descriptionProvide a description about this upload profile.
Use default document valuesIn most cases you’ll want to leave this checkbox on. When you leave this checkbox on, fill out Default Document values section. This section is on the same screen, underneath this section.
Use filenames as document numbersIf you will be using the bulk supersede process you must keep this checkbox on.
Expand zip filesAny documents you upload in a zip will be automatically extracted.
First section of the Document Upload Profile screen

The first section of the Document Upload Profile screen.

Now add the tags you want to apply to all documents

In the Default Document Values section you'll select all the tags you want to apply to your documents.

Use the yellow fields only as a guide. Unlike other sections of the Aconex web application, you do not need to fill in every field that is marked in yellow.

Only fill in the fields where you want your selections to be applied to all the documents you're uploading. 

Then, Click the Save button to save you profile.

Second section of the Upload Profile screen

In this image we've created a document upload profile for documents that are: Drawings, Approved and Architectural. When we use this profile to upload documents we'll need to manually add a Title, Revision number and Revision date for each document.

Using your document upload profile

Now that you have created and saved your Document Upload Profile you can use it when you complete a multi file upload process.

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