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Download multiple document files

Select and download document files onto your computer.
  1. Choose your project in the Project Selector at the top of the page.
Project Selector
  1. Click Documents on the Module Menu, and under Search, click Document Register.
Doc Search Doc Register Menu
  1. Complete one or more search criteria fields.
  2. Click the Search button.
Doc Search Criteria
  1. Select the checkbox for each document that you want to download.
Doc Search Results Select Doc CheckBx
  1. Click the Tools button and choose Zip Download or Zip Download with Markups.
  1. If you’ve selected Zip Downloads with Markups, the files will be converted to PDF.
  1. If you’ve selected a large number of files, it may take quite a while for the download to begin.
  1. Once the download is completed, you’ll get the usual prompts from your internet browser.

Integrating with Aconex APIs

Additional functionality for downloading files is available via Aconex APIs.

These are useful if you’d like to:

  • Periodically update local copies of document files with new revisions.
  • Specify a different destination location for each document file.
  • Rename document files as you download each one.

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