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Restrictions when working with a large number of documents

Find out how many documents you can work with at the one time in the Mail, Tenders, Workflows and Supplier Documents modules.

One of the advantages of Aconex is the ability to transmit large numbers of documents without having to worry about file sizes and email attachments. However sometimes a transmittal can get too big even for Aconex.

To ensure high performance for all participants, Aconex sets limits to the “weighting” of any one transmittal. This “weighting” is defined as a combination of the number of documents and the number of recipient organizations.

To make this as flexible as possible it’s a little more complicated than just saying “You can send X number of documents”, so let's go through the different types of transmittal scenarios and detail how the weighting is calculated.

Mail Module

Transmittals, Package Transmittals and Tender Transmittals issued from the Mail Module

The absolute maximum number of documents that can be sent on any one transmittal is 1000.

The maximum weighting (documents by recipient organizations) is 5000.

If you are sending less than 1000 documents then the number of recipient organizations can increase so long as the overall weighting remains less than 5000.

For example, if you are sending 50 documents on a transmittal, you could send that transmittal to 100 recipient organizations (50 * 100 = 5000).


  • Note that the sending organization and recipient organizations are taken into account in this calculation. Recipient organizations include those using Aconex as guests.
  • The number of individual recipients does not affect the weighting. So you could theoretically send 1000 document to 300 people so long as those people come from no more than 5 different organizations.

Tenders Module

Initiating a Tender

When issuing a tender from the Tender Module the same weighting rules apply as for the Mail Module (see above).

You should be careful if you are approaching the limit to ensure that you don’t invite any further recipients or add any additional documents via Addenda.

Zip Downloading

Around 200 documents can be downloaded via zip in the Tenders Module.

The exact number of documents varies from browser to browser.


Aconex users can zip download all tender documents from the transmittal located in the Mail Module.

This is not available for guest users.

Workflows Module

Initiating a workflow

A maximum of 200 documents can be submitted into a workflow.

Beyond that there is a weighting rule which uses the following calculation: “Number of users at each step X number of steps X number of documents across entire workflow”.

This weighting should not exceed 2000.

This is calculated when the workflow is first initiated and it will fail (you'll receive a stack trace error) if 2000 is exceeded.

If a single user appears on multiple steps, they are counted once for each step.

Both recipients in the To and CC fields are counted in each step. Additional CC recipients on the final transmittal are not counted in the formula.


A maximum of 200 documents can be issued in a workflow of 10 steps with 1 reviewer on each step
A maximum of 200 documents can be issued in a workflow of 5 steps with 2 reviewers on each step

Supplier Documents Module

There are no limitation to how many documents can be added to a Supplier Documents package.

Like workflows a weighting of 2000 applies (use the same calculation as above).

A maximum of 200 documents can be initiated in a supplier documents process at one time.


Workflows and Supplier document transmittals are also subject to the 5000 weighting (as seen in the Mail Module) but are extremely unlikely to reach that limit, given the more restrictive limits placed on them (ie. no more than 200 documents).


The same weighting rules apply as for the Mail Module (see above).  Also see Transmitting a Package

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