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Upload multiple documents to Aconex at the same time using a Zip file upload

Use a zip archive to add multiple documents to the Temporary Files area of Aconex.
  1. Zip up the documents on your local computer or network. Select all the documents you want to upload, then right-click and select the Zip archive option from the menu. 
    NOTE: Depending on the computer systems you are using, you may want to ask your IT or search the internet for steps on producing your own zip files.

  2. In Aconex, click Documents in the Module Menu.

  3. Select Multiple File Upload.

  4. Click on Zip File Upload.

  5. Click Browse in the window that displays.

  6. Select the zip file by clicking on it, and click OK or Open. The file name will appear on the Zip File Upload page.

  1. Click the Upload button in the top-right corner of the page.

  2. You’ll see a loading page that shows how long it will take to complete the upload.

  3. When the upload is finished, you’ll see a confirmation. Click on View files uploaded by me today to see the files you've uploaded.

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