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Upload multiple documents and move them into the Document Register

Upload a batch of documents to Aconex.

Use Multi File Upload to upload files from your computer or your local network into Aconex.

  1. Choose your project from the Project Selector at the top of the page.
  1. Click Documents.
  2. Under Actions, click Multiple File Upload.
  1. Choose a different upload profile from the Profile list if you need to. A profile specifies default document values and other upload settings. If you need to check the details of a profile, select it from the dropdown menu, then click the View/Edit Profile link beside it. Find out more about document upload profiles.
Document Upload Profile
  1. Click the Multi File Upload button.
The Multi file upload button
  1. Drag and drop your files into the field, or click on Choose Files to select them from your machine.
The Multi File Upload field

Avoid uploading 0byte size files, as these will prevent your uploads from completing.

  1. You'll see a list of the files you've added. You can add more, or, if you're happy, click the Start Upload button. A progress bar shows the status of your upload.
  2. Click View files uploaded by me today. You’ll see your uploaded documents appear in the Temporary Files tab. You can work on the documents here before registering them to your project.
  3. To register documents, select the ones you want by clicking on the checkboxes to the left of each filename. Then click the Move to Register button.
The Move to Register button
  1. You’ll see the Move to Register page. This lets you update the document data. You can add data to the fields for individual documents by scrolling across the page.

Editing document details in the Move to Register page
  1. To apply the same data to multiple documents, click the View Copy-To Panel button. The Copy-To panel lets you enter your document data in a single view, and apply it to all the documents in your list, or just the ones you select.

    To apply the data to all documents, fill in the relevant data, then click the Copy to All button.

    To apply the data to just some of the documents, fill in the relevant data. Then select the documents you want to affect using the checkboxes to the left of their document numbers, and click the Copy to Selected button.

You can apply the same data to a group of documents, then edit individual fields for specific documents as you need to.

  1. Once you’ve added the relevant data for the documents you want to register, click the Submit button at the page’s top-right to move them into the project’s Document Register.

You’ll see a confirmation message when the process is complete.

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