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Open a Digital Media Archive

Open a Project Archive using the Archive List and password in two ways.

Opening a Project Archive

  1. Open the Project Archive Viewer from the Windows Start menu. Select All Programs > Aconex Project Archive > Archive Viewer.

    The Archive Viewer will display.
The Start Menu
  1. Click the Refresh button to update the archive list to show any new archives.
Viewing the archive list

You can also open a Project Archive from a computer on your local network. Ask your Project Archive Administrator for the Project Archive Viewer URL.

  1. From the Archive List, double-click the archive you want to open.

Choosing the archive to open
  1. If required, enter the archive password in the Password field, then click OK.

You won’t be asked for a password if one hasn’t been set one for this archive.

If you are asked for a password, be aware that it's not your Aconex password. Ask your Project Archive Administrator for the archive password if you don't have it.

Opening an Archive from a computer on the local network

Users who want to view a Project Archive from other computers on your local network will need to know the URL at which the Project Archive Viewer Service is located on the installation computer.

This URL can use either the:

  • IP address of the computer running the Project Archive Viewer Service, for example,
  • DNS name, for example, http://OfficeServer:9000/archiveviewer

Your system administrator may map the IP address of the Project Archive Viewer Service to a user-friendly URL for easy access.

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