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How to open an encrypted archive

Decrypt your archive before you install it.

Aconex takes data protection very seriously. To ensure your information doesn't fall into the wrong hands during transit, we encrypt the archives or the hard drive that contains your archive.

Before you can start using your archive by installing the Archive Viewer, you need to decrypt your archive.

The information here refers to three scenarios:

Was your archive produced before June 30, 2016 or, do you have the Index feature?

Plug the archive hard drive or USB into your computer and you will be prompted to format it. Do not format the drive. 

To open the archive stored on the drive or USB you need to follow the decryption process.

Archives produced before April 15, 2015 were encrypted with TrueCrypt. You can use TrueCrypt to open these archives, or VeraCrypt in TrueCrypt mode (see step 4 in Mount the drive below).

Archives produced between April 15, 2015 and June 30, 2016 are encrypted using VeraCrypt. You can download it here.

(Be sure to uninstall TrueCrypt from your computer to avoid any conflicts with VeraCrypt before you begin.)

With the appropriate decryption software ready to go, follow the instructions below.

1. Download VeraCrypt

Download VeraCrypt from the documents attached to the Archive Instructions Mail, or from the VeraCrypt website.

Follow the installation wizard to set up the software.

2. Open VeraCrypt

To open VeraCrypt, double-click on the desktop icon that was created during installation.


3. Insert the USB or hard drive

Insert the USB or hard drive that contains your archive into your computer.

4. Mount the drive

Veracrypt will show you an overview of the drives on your computer.

  1. Select one of the drives, then click the Select Device… button.
Mount Drive
  1. Select the device corresponding to your archive’s USB or hard drive and click OK.
Select Partition

If you have trouble finding your Archive USB or hard drive, remember it will be under a “Removable Disk” title. Always select Device\Hardisk1\Partition under it.

  1.  Click the Mount button.
  2.  Enter the password included in your Archive Instructions mail. If your archive was produced before April 15, 2015, it was encrypted using TrueCrypt. So you should also select the TrueCrypt Mode checkbox.
  3. Click OK.
Create Password

You may be alerted that VeraCrypt is unresponsive. This is normal and you should be able to see the mounted drive in a few minutes.

5. Access the drive

Once it’s mounted, the free drive you selected at Step 4 will appear in Windows like any other drive (in this example, it’s E: drive). You can access the drive as you normally would via Windows, or by double-clicking the drive directly in VeraCrypt.

Your archive is now decrypted.  Follow these instructions to install it, so you can view all your mail and documents and use the same search functionality you have in Aconex.


6. To dismount the drive

When you have installed the archive from the USB or hard drive, you will need to dismount the drive before you remove the USB or hard drive from your computer.

To do this, go back to the VeraCrypt window and select the drive you mounted the archive to (in this case, the E: drive), then click the Dismount button.

You can now safely remove the USB or hard drive from your computer.

Was your archive shipped after June 30, 2016?

When you plug the archive hard drive into your computer, you’ll find the Archive Viewer installer which is a .exe file. 

Double click on the installer and follow the instructions.


To decrypt the file you will need the passphrase which you will have received via a secure transmittal in Aconex Mail.

After installation is complete, you will be prompted to enter the secure passphrase to commence the decryption process.

decrypt password

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