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Generating a PDF or EML index in Local Archive

Learn how to create PDF or EML index for your archive.
  1. To generate an index, navigate to Archive Manager by selecting the Aconex logo in the top left-hand corner.
The Archive Manger screen.
  1. You can create a PDF or EML version index for your mails.
The Archive Manager options for your project.
  1. Select the index you want to create to open the Index screen.
The indexing screen showing the Generate buttons.
  1. If an index already exists, you will see a green tick instead of a red cross next to it.
The Indexing screen showing the View button.
  1. Press Generate to create the index. How long this process takes depends on how big your archive is. You may have to wait for a while for this process to finish running.
  2. Once it has finished press View to download it to Excel. You can find the new index in: Your destination folder/Index folder.

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