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How to install your Local Archive

Follow these guidelines when installing a Local Archive for the first time.
  1. Download and run the exe as sent to you in the Transmittal.
  2. The wizard opens. Click the Next button.
  1. Read the license agreement, and, if you accept the terms, click the I Accept checkbox. Click the Next button.
  1. Choose where you want to install the Local Archive Viewer. You can:
    • Click the Browse button.
    • Select the location where you want to install the Local Archive files.
    • Click the Select button.
  2. Click Run.
  1. A window opens showing you progress of the installer.
  1. Once this has installed the following window will open.
  1. Your Default internet browser will then open. You may first see a Your connection is not private screen. If you do, press Advanced and the select Proceed to localhost to be directed to the application.

This is an example of Google’s Chrome browser, other browsers may differ slightly.

  1. Select your project instance.
  1. Click Login.
  1. Enter your Aconex log in details.
  1. This opens a window confirming the location of your Local archives, and also an option to create shortcuts. Click Next.
  1. Your archive will start to download. The amount of time this takes depends on the size of your project.
  1. Once the download is complete, click Next.

Your Aconex project data has now downloaded into your archive and you can now use it as required.


  1. To use a proxy server click on
  2. Fill out the form as required then click Login.

When you’ve done this, return to Step 12 in the main instructions.

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