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Open Local Archive from your PC or via a network

Open your Local Archive and start browsing your project data.

Opening your Local Archive

  1. From the Start menu, select All Programs/Aconex.
  2. Select Archive name.
  3. This opens a window saying the archive is loading.
  4. Once this has finished, your default browser will open to show archive manager.
The window showing the loading progress.

Stopping the Local Archive

You can easily stop the Archive Viewer service if you need to by closing the browser tab. You will then see a message asking if you want to close the application.

The archive still running message.

You can either select Open browser to reopen your archive, or Shutdown to close it. This shows a message to say the application is closing.

The application closing message.

Open Local Archive from a computer on your local network

Allow remote connections must be ticked in the Archive settings tab for this to work correctly.

allow remote connections

To access the Local Archive you’ll need to know either the IP address or DNS name of the PC where the Local Archive has been installed.

Once you have this, you can access the Local Archive by entering the following address in your web browser (replacing the IP address or DNS name accordingly).

IP address example:  (in this example the installation PC’s IP address is

DNS name example: http://OfficeServer:9443/manager   (in this example the installation PC’s DNS name is OfficeServer).

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