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Troubleshoot your Aconex Archive

Common issues with Aconex Archives and how to resolve them. (this includes both Project Archive and Scheduled Archive products)

Below are common issues users have encountered with their Aconex Archive.

64bit Java warning

Some customers may receive a warning message regarding 64bit Java during the download process. This message indicates that you have the incorrect version of Java installed. 
Please consult with your internal IT department to remove the 32bit Java version from your PC and install a 64bit Java version.

install 64bit java

Unable to verify internet access, please use proxy configuration if required

If your internet requires a proxy to be configured, this warning message will be displayed during the download process.

Click Close and select the Use network proxy link to configure a proxy to proceed with the download. See Proxy configuration for Scheduled Archive

Unable to verify internet access

Your login name or password is incorrect

This error occurs if your authentication details have changed. For example, you may have recently changed your password. 

Close the message and you will be taken to a login screen. Please enter your username and password and click LOGIN.

update your credentials and login

Your archive has been updated, please refresh the page to see the updates

This message appears when viewing your Archive during a scheduled update. This message indicates that the Archive has been updated and you need to refresh your browser to see the updates.

Your archive has been updated

Enter your activation code

In rare circumstances, your archive may require an authentication code.  You can find this code in the mail sent to you when you ordered your archive.  If it's not listed there, please reply to the mail and request for the code.

Enter your activation code

No certificate data found for this user and code

If you receive a certificate error during your download, please take a screenshot of the error, and reply to the transmittal mail that was sent to you when you first ordered your archive.

No certificate data found for this user and code

Use full mail preview

The option to use the full mail preview is disabled by default. This means that some Mails may not be formatted exactly as they appear in Aconex.

To enable this option tick Use full mail preview in the Settings tab and click Save.

 tick Use full mail preview

See the example below showing a Mail view before and after this setting was enabled.

without full mail view
without full mail view
with full mail view
with full mail view

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