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Proxy configuration for Scheduled Archive

Configure a proxy server for your Scheduled Archive
  1. If proxy settings are required to access the internet from your local network, you may see the below message during the installation process. Click the Close button.
click close
  1. Click the ‘Use network proxy’ link.
use network proxy
  1. Enter details of your proxy server address and port number.

Note: An IP Address can be used as the proxy server address.

If the proxy details are invalid, you will receive an error message.  If this occurs, click the X to close the error message, and enter valid proxy details. 

Unable to check instance status, connection issues?
  1. Select the Aconex Instance (often referred to as the Project Location), and the Login button will appear.
login button will appear
  1. Click Login, and select the project. Click download and continue to the Archive Manager page.
  1. To view the proxy entries, open the Settings tab from the top and confirm the details under Network proxy configuration are correct.
check your network proxy configuration
  1. Updates the details as required and click Save.

    If required, the proxy configuration can be disabled by clicking Disable network proxy and clicking Yes
disable proxy

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