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Install Scheduled Archive

Follow these guidelines when installing a Scheduled Archive

Activating the installation wizard

Follow the steps below for installing Scheduled Archive on Microsoft Windows.

  1. In Windows Explorer, create a Project folder location that you will be using as your Scheduled Archive Project folder.  
  2. Double-click on the Aconex Archive .exe file. (The .exe is available to download here). Once downloaded it can usually be found in the Downloads folder on your computer.

Please ensure that you have sufficient memory available on your PC before you begin. You may need Administrator privileges to run the program.

Completing the installation wizard

  1. Click the Next button.
  2. Read the license agreement, and, if you accept the terms, select I accept the terms of this license agreement.
  3. Click the Next button.
click next
  1. Select a location of the Project Folder you created – see above, this is where you will be downloading your Archive.
choose install location
  1. You can choose to store your project files in a separate location; recommended to optimise performance over network access. Click the checkbox if you wish to do this.
store project files in separate location

If you have selected network storage you will need to select the destination folder.

  1. Click Run to begin the setup process.
click run

The Archive setup will begin. The progress will be shown as a green bar, you can click the Show details button for further information on the progress.

installation progress bar

After a short while, the following popup will be displayed.

oracle aconex loading

If you see the following Permissions Dialog, click the Yes button to continue.

permissions dialog

Your default browser will open. You may get the following error - Simply click the Advanced button.

Simply click the Advanced button

Next, click the Proceed to localhost (unsafe) link. It is perfectly safe to continue.

proceed to localhost
  1. Select your instance from the list and click Login.
Select instance and click Login

Note – you may see the following error if you are unable to connect to the internet.

unable to verify internet access

Enter the network proxy by clicking Use network proxy and entering your details in the form provided.

Note – Proxy server address Can be Proxy name or IP address.

use network proxy
  1. Enter your login details and click Log in to continue.
log in
  1. Choose the Scheduled Archive project you wish to use from the dropdown list.

You can also create shortcuts from the Desktop and Start Menu, click the checkboxes to do so.

Click Download.

A helpful popup will appear as a reminder for the next step. Click OK to dismiss.

windows task scheduler popuup

10. If you see the following dialog - select Yes to continue.

allow app to make changes

11. Your Archive will now begin the download process.

download begins

12. When your download reaches 100%, click Next to continue to the Scheduled Archive Manager page.

download completed

From the main dashboard area you can access Documents, Mails, Settings, and Features. The Update button will allow you to download the remainder of your data.

Note – this is in 50,000 document segments.

scheduled archive manager

Your Documents view.

Your Documents view

Your Mails view:

From here you can edit the Time zone; Network proxy; Email notifications; Allow remote connections; set mail previews; check for new versions of the software and view the Licences.

settings screen

The Features section

Clicking on any of the options below Features will allow you to generate a Document Index spreadsheet; a Mail PDF spreadsheet and a Mail EML spreadsheet. 

Note – The generated index is based on the current data set. Subsequent updates to data will require a new index to be generated.

features such as exporting EML index

Select the Generate button for the required feature to do so.

select generate

You will be asked to confirm that you wish to generate an Index, select Yes to continue.

select yes at the confirmation

You will see a green tick against the index once it’s complete. Click View to see the results.

Clicking back to manager takes you back to the main dashboard screen.

Click back to manager

A green tick will show you which Features you have already activated.

activated features

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