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What is Scheduled Archive?

Scheduled Archive provides you with a local read-only copy of up-to-date project data during the life of your project. It is similar in appearance and function to working with your project in Aconex.

Please note that Scheduled Archive is a separately licensed product. For more information please contact your Oracle Aconex consultant.


  • Includes:
    • Sent, Received and Draft Mails
    • Registered Documents (all versions)
  • Full mail and document search capability, just like the online platform
  • Export search results metadata to Excel
  • Browse through the full thread of any mail
  • “Download” document and mail attachments
  • Complete metadata and version history for every document
  • View event logs in full
  • Export Excel Indexes for Mail and Documents
  • Export Mail in bulk in PDF and/or EML format.

The PC that is running Scheduled Archive should be a dedicated machine with a permanent connection to the web.

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